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Product assortment

The range of product assortment (beekeeping equipment and accessories), which is in our offer of over 700 items for beekeeping, that are diversified and fully adapted to all the activities related to beekeeper and beekeeping in this region.

In our shop, you can obtain primarily domestic products, made of materials with Serbian geographical origin produced in facilities in our country, but also products from abroad.

A wide range of products that include more than 700 different items guarantees that beekeeper will find in one place everything needed in everyday work with bees.

Production range

The trend of expansion of our product assortment will continue, with the main goal of satisfying the needs of the market as much as possible, that is, the demands of beekeepers. In our own production facilities, thanks to continuous improvement and machines of the newer generation, we can satisfy all the requirements of buyers for beekeeping equipment both in quality and quantity.

In addition to our own production, we are direct importers for over 200 items of beekeeping equipment, which guarantees the quality, reliability and the lowest prices of these

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Product list

For more information about prices and available quantities of items, from our range of beekeeping equipment, contact us, and we will help you make the right decision.

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